Mystery object reported over Bermuda

Gene Heyler (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 08:59:53 -0400

Here is an account of an object seen over Bermuda, as reported in their
local paper.
I believe the time of  10:40 pm Oct 12 would put the sighting at 00:40
Oct 13 UTC.

Gene Heyler
Columbia MD


UFO sighting

                     By Cathy Stovell
                      Copyright by The Royal Gazette Ltd

                     Bermuda, October 14, 1999

                     Instead of receiving reports of a strange object in
the sky, Tuesday night's Harbour Radio duty officer got to witness an
                     unexplained phenomenon first hand.

                     The man, who declined to be named, said he was
looking east from the station's perch at Fort George in St. George's
                     10.40 p.m. when an object appeared in the sky above
the former Club Med hotel.

                     "This was one of those rare instances where I
actually saw something and was able to report it myself," he said.

                     "I observed what I later described as an orange and
blue meteor-type object to the east over the Club Med. It looked like a
                     meteor or maybe a rocket and was descending at an
angle of between 45 and 60 degrees.

                     "It was in the sky for at least 30 seconds and left
behind a blue vapour trail - like a rocket would - after it faded out.
It was quite
                     breathtaking. It was not the Northern Lights or a
rescue flare, it was something other than normal. I watched it from the
start until
                     it faded out.

                     "On reflection it could have been some kind of
rocket. It is also hard in these cases to tell exactly where the object

                     As he filled out a report on what he had seen, the
station's switchboard was jammed with calls from people who had also
                     the object.

                     The callers had seen the object from a wide variety
of locations across the Island, leading the duty officer to speculate
that the
                     object was some distance away.

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