Iridium 37 clarification

Matson, Robert (
Wed, 20 Oct 1999 11:13:14 -0700

Hi All,

Walter's message reminded me that due to the ambiguous
naming of Iridium 37, I need to be more specific about
my observation last night.  This was MMMP IR37 (Motorola/
Maley/McCants/Pickup -- 3MP?), USSPACECOM #24968, Int'l
designator 97056D, and NN P35.  That's "NN" for Nissen
Nomenclature  ;-)

(It occurs to me that if we drop Motorola from the MMMP
abbreviation, seeing as how Motorola is sort of implied
anyway, and we use Alan's first name, the result is a
confusing but apt "MMA").

A while ago someone mentioned that they saw a flasher, and
that Iridium 37 was in the vicinity and a possible culprit.
But was this OIG-37 or 3MP-37?  The latter has not mal-
functioned -- its prediction was right-on last night.  And
I don't think there's anything wrong with 3MP-35 / OIG-37 /
NN-P39 based on its TLE:

Iridium 35 - P39
1 24966U 97056B   99292.05893038 -.00000027 +00000-0 -16662-4 0 03148
2 24966 086.4003 134.4199 0002362 073.3861 286.7594 14.34217173107880
Iridium 37 - P35
1 24968U 97056D   99292.10332800 -.00000147 +00000-0 -59445-4 0 03140
2 24968 086.4008 134.3929 0002236 067.2115 292.9316 14.34216417107893

Also, Tony Beresford wrote that he saw an Iridium-like event
where none was predicted, and that Iridium 37 was a possible
candidate for this "extra flare".  I assume this was 3MP-37,
Tony?  This satellite sure likes being in the news... --Rob

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