Re: Shuttle over NYC

Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 00:19:52 PDT

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    > From: <>
    > >     So...anyone know what the situation is on viewing the shuttle Thursday
    > > night over NYC: First, is it the main engines that are bright enough to
    > see,
    > > after the shuttle passes and the rear faces me? How bright? And, where
    > sould
    > > I look to find it?
    Easily seen even before it passes you. I've seen about 5 or 6 launches 
    from NJ.
    Rises in South 6-7 min. after launch, goes to ESE. Usually about 
    10-15 deg elevation.
    Mag about -4 to -6. Nice orange glow. In binoculars, you can see a 
    nice " < " shaped exhaust.
    Jay Respler
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