Re: STs-92 SPECTACULAR from NYC!!! also SC

From: Robert (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 18:35:00 PDT

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    Saw about my 10th Shuttle launch from the harbor town of Charleston, SC
    Most have been late night, this was just after sunset. Saw the smoke trail
    and  booster fall off. Followed for a good 5 minutes or more. I am still
    like a 10 year old kid when I see these things!!!! Still want to see one
    from the Cape, but twice they have been scrubbed while I was there.
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    > SRB burnout
    > Ron Lee
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    > >Well, it was the most *&%$^^&*%$ up DSL realvideo image I have ever seen,
    > and
    > >got totally garble.......
    > >
    > >    BUT!!! Spectacular from here in NYC. I raced to the window, which
    > >S--SE,....... and then I saw it. A BRIGHT (-4 or -6 mag) deep orange
    > in
    > >the sky, racing up the coast. Rose in the South, then rather low in the
    > >SE...maybe 10 degrees high. Traveling very fast. Through binoculars, I
    > >just make out an exhaust trail....knowing the ME's would be shutting down
    > >during this pass, I watched. But the shuttle seemed to disappear over and
    > >over....kind of flickering.....anyone know why? Then, it disappeared
    > >completely.
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