From: Gene Harriman (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 14:02:45 PDT

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    Hello List!
    I'm preparing for an 18:45 EDT near zenith pass of the STS-92/ISS stack here
    in Plymouth Massachusetts.  This expedition will hopefully capture a couple
    of good pics.
    I need the opinion of the group...I want to purchase a good stopwatch.  I
    checked the local Radio Shack and sporting goods stores, but I think I'll
    have to spend a bit more and go farther to find what I want.  What do you
    all use?  How many lap times would you want to see?  Does anyone have one
    with 2 timers or a display for GMT?  What do you think?
    Regards and "Severe Clear"
    Gene Harriman
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