Re: Telescope Recommendations

From: Mike Waterman (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 06:32:23 PST

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    Rather than a telescope (or as well as), why not use binoculars.
        More portable.
        Easier to find a bright satellite with binoculars than a telescope.
        Many people find it tiring using just one eye for long periods.
        Cant see much fainter than about mag 10 (or less for small binocs).
        No computerised tracking
    Binoculars are specified like mm*aa where mm=magnification and aa=diameter
        of main lenses. For example, I has 2 binoculars, one 7*50 and
        the other 11*80. Magnitude limits under good conditions 9 and 10, but
        usually 8 and 9.
    The aa should be about 7 times the mm for nighttime viewing. If the ratio
        is more than 7, then some of the light entering the lens will not reach
        your retina. If it is less, then the field of view is smaller.
        (mine have fields 7 and 5 degrees).
    For larger binoculars and for viewing more than a few minutes a tripod
    can be very useful.
    Mike Waterman
    Site Yateley = COSPAR 2115 =  51.3286N  0.7950W  75m.
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