New Rocket Base to Launch Satellites and Rockets in Early November.

From: Kevin Martin (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 11:40:58 EDT

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    Hello my Name is Kevin Martin, I am CEO and Founder of the NRB(National 
    Rocket Base). For years we have been planning a Launch Site partially funded 
    by the US government to launch large rockets up to Suborbital Trajectory or 
    60 miles high.
    Our Launch site right now is currently unavailable but all i can tell you 
    right now is that its North of Yucca Valley in the High Desert. We have the 
    Site Classified for now, but the Location will be revealed as soon as the 
    site is built.
    How you ask did we get approval for such a high Altitude?  We wrote Congress 
    a Letter stating that our Launches to the NE are clear of any Population 
    until Las Vegas(200miles NE). We also said we would be responsible for any 
    rocket launch failure or injury. It took a while for them to respond, but 
    they responded anyway.
    Congress agreed to our wishes in Building the newest Government/Privately 
    owned Rocket Base in Southern California now know as the National Rocket 
    We have website for you to look at and if possible I would like everyone to 
    know about the new Base because we will allow Rocket Launches for anyone who 
    wants to make a high altitude attempt(ONLY TO THE NORTHEAST!). Upon 
    Reservations to use 1 out of 5 pads(These pads aren't just a regular model 
    rocket launch pad, they are major complexes that of Vandenberg AFB.Viewing 
    our Launches in person is Allowed.So who knows, your Satellite Observing 
    Might come from Our Base in the future!
    The website URL is
    Next Launch:AAR(Read about it on the website!) T-39days
    Kevin Martin
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