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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 17:14:09 EDT

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    > I saw ISS in my telescope at about 4:16 UT on 19-Aug-2001 from Mt. 
    > Diablo
    > (near Walnut Creek), CA, USA.  A 10 inch f/6 newt. (Cave Astrola) 
    > with a
    > 25mm Ortho.  I saw it approach, I missed the closest part of the 
    > pass as I
    > flipped the scope and I watched it recede.  I followed it into 
    > shadow and
    > far beyond until distance and low altitude caused me to lose it.  
    > There must
    > have been a light on!
    I saw the previous pass of ISS & Shuttle, too (I was asked privately to
    say what I saw.  It's more than a month late, I know, but better late
    than never, I say).  IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!  To see two manned objects in
    the sky at one time, very bright objects, and then be able to catch both
    of them in my telescope- quite rare and incredible!  I observed at 47x,
    with a 80A (light blue) filter, I think.  I forget what the Space Shuttle
    looked like, but the ISS definitely showed some structure (exactly what I
    It had been a very long time since I had seen something that was so
    beautiful.  You'd think it was nothing spectacular, just two objects
    (which I have seen individually before), but it was so incredible!  I
    felt inspired by what I saw.
    I think it classifies as my #1 sighting.
    Jonathan T. Wojack       
    39.706d N   75.683d W      
    4 hours behind UT (-4)
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