Re: Fw: Russia plans more satellites to spy on Afghanistan

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 16:33:20 EDT

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    > It will be interesting to see if  NORAD releases TLEs for these 
    > satellites.
    Did NORAD release TLE's for allied satellites during the Cold War?
    It's mighty strange to see the U.S., Russia and China all cooperating to
    some degree in a military effort.  Never thought I'd ever see that.
    > > MOSCOW, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Russia plans to launch a series of extra 
    > spy
    > > satellites to gather intelligence over Afghanistan, Interfax news 
    > agency
    > > reported on Wednesday, quoting the head of Russia's space forces.
    > >
    > > General-Colonel Anatoly Perminov said that given a possible strike 
    > led by
    > the
    > > United States on Afghanistan, Russia needed to deploy extra 
    > satellites. He
    > > did not give details.
    > >
    > > "So far we see all that we need to see but soon we need to bring a 
    > series
    > of
    > > space satellites from battle reserves," Perminov was quoted as 
    > saying.
    > >
    "Battle reserves" - is Mr. Perminov saying that the Russians (and maybe
    the Americans, too) have stores of satelllites that they can launch when
    needed?  The name "battle reserves" - sounds like if there ever is a war
    in space, that's where pulverized satellites would get their
    > > Perminov was quoted as saying that the United States did not need 
    > to
    > > strengthen its network of intelligence-gathering satellites in the 
    > region.
    Perhaps, but the timing of the launch (sometime soon) of a spysat on a
    Titan 4B rocket is a great coincidence, at the very least.
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