Iridium 22 Plus 2 Unknowns

From: Quin (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 08:30:15 EDT

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    It is difficult to get a nice sky in NE Indy anymore. This past weekend was
    an exception.
    6 October, Iridium 22 was right on time at 19:55. The Flare program
    predicting a -8.2 magnitude. I am not an expert at the magnitude
    approximations, but it was a "freight train in the sky"! It continued south
    and I followed it with binoculars off and on. At 20:03 a bright flare caught
    my eye almost on the same path as Iridium 22, flaring in about the same star
    group at what I would guess was at least a -6 magnitude. The flare was short
    however. I followed it south with binoculars also, and at 20:05 I noticed a
    second object slightly east of this one also going south but very slightly
    slower. The first one caught up with the second one when they were at about
    45 degrees in elevation, and both were in the same field of view. I was
    wondering if anyone could ID these other two objects?
    39deg 52' 51" X 85deg 56' 35"
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