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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 20:50:54 EDT

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    In a previous post I said...> > > P.S. I wonder if any one has ever
    coordinated a cell phone communications relay in which one person then
    another let the other know when the flare of one iridium satellite has
    reached him. ....
    Well, another thing I have thought of doing but will probably never get
    around to doing is to photograph the passage of a satellite (maybe even a
    crossover) using two cameras simultaneously to get a 3D image! I would space
    the cameras apart by how ever many miles I would need to place them to get a
    stereo pair of the satellite's passage. Compared to background stars
    (something I would need for a good sense of depth) the satellite's path
    could look significantly closer. The stars could be streaked or better yet,
    points of light. [I actually tried and got a stereo pair of a meteor once.
    Problem was, the baseline separation of 10 miles seemed to be too great so I
    couldn't "pull the image together" to see it in 3D. My brain couldn't make
    sense of it.]
    The technique of producing a super 3D image of an otherwise 2D object (2D
    only because of its distance) is called the "Lilliputian effect."  I do it
    all the time on vacation, deliberately putting depth in distant mountain
    scenes or what ever.  It is a fantastic yet simple tool to make exciting
    even otherwise mundane images. [I use several methods for viewing the
    results in true 3D.]
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