SatTrack on RedHat Linux.

From: Atul Sowani (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 23:10:10 EDT

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    Hello SeeSaters,
    I hope this is not OT since VSOP-software related posting is
    okay on this list.
    Some time ago I was searching for some software that I can
    use on Linux - something similar to STSPLUS on DOS. I found
    SatTrack on VSOP pages, but it is not available (atleast I
    am not aware) on RedHat Linux 7.1/Pentium-3 platform. The
    ELF binaries did not work on my machine, hence I had been
    trying to recompile the code myself. The Makefile provided
    with SatTrack doesn't work.
    I have written a shell script to compile this code, which
    bypasses Makefile. If anyone of you do intend to compile and
    use SatTrack on Linux, I would be glad to share my shell script.
    I am thinking of uploading it to some site, but for that I will
    have to create one. So, till then please do write me if you
    need the script.
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