Tumbling Iridiums

From: Steve Newcomb (snewcomb@mail2.gcnet.net)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 22:14:51 EDT

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    On 10/7/01 I saw Iridium 24 in very bright flashes every approx. 8 seconds,
    greater than minus 5 for less than 1/2 second duration, 1 minute prior to
    Iridium 22 flare prediction at 20.21.46 ( local EDT , -4 UTC) 134 az 45 el.
    Iridium 24 was not predicted by Iridflare program, and occured at very close
    to same location in sky with 4 flashes over x degrees of sky. After setting
    up all the tumbling Iridiums in the STSPLUS program, I ran Iridflare program
    and got a -4 mag flare prediction for Iridium 76 on 10/11/01 at 20.06.45
    local at 149 az 49 el  but no prediction for Iridium 71. Iridium 71 will be
    at 130 az 49 el at 19.58.10 and at 149 AZ 35 El at 19.59.12 . I think that
    Iridium 71 may do some bright flashes. Is my reasoning correct, will finding
    an iridium tumbler in an area and time of a predicted flare be a way to find
    very bright flasher? I hope for clear skies to watch.
    Lat. +39.47  Lon. -79.34  Alt. 784 m
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