TiPS revisited

From: Markus Mehring (
Date: Sat Oct 20 2001 - 01:54:00 EDT

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    Mornin'... <yawn>,
    Saw TiPS around 3:12UTC this morning, catching it as it left the earth
    shadow near a post-zenith position in Perseus. Starting with a faint blurry
    spot, it gave me a brief glint, followed by what I can only describe as an
    irregular flutter of sorts of the tether, followed by another glint about
    three seconds after the first, back to the blurry spot for a moment, and
    then a strong simultaneous glint around +5 or +4.5 from both Ralph and
    Norton for almost ten seconds, revealing how they traveled side by side
    until I lost them in the vicinity of Polaris. What a show. Absolutely
    wonderful; I just love this thing. :)
    Starshine 3, scheduled for a pass ~20 minutes later, was a complete
    non-obs. I keep having bad luck with Starshines. Tricky birds they are...
    CU!	Markus (E8.7434, N51.7264, 113m, MEST)
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