Cernan accident

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Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 10:21:05 EST

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    Dear Justin,
    FYI latest info from morning hours of Monday at Prague:
    The former astronauts Eugene Cernan and Vladimir Remek suffered slight
    injuries during an emergency landing of Mi-8 helicopter near the South
    Bohemian town Milevsko on Sunday 28th, 2001 at about 1450 local Central
    European Time (1350 UT). The helicopter's engine suffered sudden loss of
    power at the height of 150 meters (500 feet) but thenks their skills
    pilots managed to accomplish hard landing withou loss of live of any
    person on board. The astronauts were on the way to the birthplace of
    Cernan's grandfather Josef Cihlar in the village Bernartice near the
    town Tabor in Southern Bohemia.
    Immediately after landing one crew member used his gun to open the
    helicopter's window and helped other persons on board to leave the
    crashed craft.
    The Czech astronaut Remek was taken to hospital in town Pisek for
    observation, the American astronaut Cernan was transported to the
    Central Army Hospital in Prague with suspiction of broken ribs but this
    was not confirmed.
    The Cernan's stay in Czech Republic was prolonged because the medical
    observation were not terminated in time for his scheduled departure in
    the morning hours Monday.
    The Czech president Vaclav Havel, also hospitalised at Central Army
    Hospital with bronchititis, visited Cernan in evening hours of Sunday at
    the hospital.
    Czech Ministry of Defense created an investigation board to determine
    the causes of accident.
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