Superbird A for Thursday night, Nov. 1st

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 23:17:24 EST

Hi All,

Superbird A is now positioned favorably for nightly flashes for
the lower 48 States, Canada and Mexico.  For Thursday evening,
November 1st (November 2nd UT), the center of the flash window
occurs at the following UT times for the following selected

3:17  California coast
3:19  Reno, Las Vegas, Arizona
3:20  Oregon, SW Utah, NE Arizona, SW New Mexico
3:21  Seattle, Salt Lake City, New Mexico, western Texas
3:22  Vancouver, Washington state, Idaho, western Colorado,
      western Texas
3:23  Banff, western Montana, western Wyoming, Denver, central
3:24  British Columbia, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Colorado,
      Dallas, Houston
3:25  Alberta & northern B.C., Montana, western Nebraska and
      Kansas, Oklahoma, eastern Texas
3:27  Kansas City, New Orleans
3:31  Chicago, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, gulf coast
      of Florida
3:32  Michigan, Indiana, eastern Kentucky & Tennessee, western
      North Carolina, Atlanta, Atlantic coast of Florida
3:33  Michigan, Ohio, western Virginia & North Carolina,
      South Carolina
3:34  Cleveland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina
3:35  Buffalo, Pittsburgh, western Maryland, northern Virginia,
      eastern North Carolina
3:36  Toronto, Rochester, central Pennsylvania, Maryland, Norfolk
3:37  Syracuse, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware
3:38  Albany, New York City, Connecticut, Long Island
3:39  Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
3:40  Maine
3:41  Maine, New Brunswick
3:42  New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
3:43  Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island

Flash location is presently in Cetus, a few degrees to the left
of zeta-Ceti (mag 3.74), and slightly lower.  Good luck!


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