Re: ISS & Shuttle

From: George Roberts (
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 23:31:14 EDT

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    >     Is this problem just a function of my location ( 30.39 N, 95.64 W) for
    > certain launches, or will this be true forever?
    Possibly.  The space shuttle (if visiting iss) always launches as the iss is at a
    certain spot within only certain orbits so that it takes minimum energy for the shuttle to be in 
    orbit "near" the ISS.  For example, the shuttle always launches up the east coast
    when meeting with ISS (if not meeting ISS it usually launches due east soon turning 
    to the south towards africa).  I would expect the ISS to pass over florida heading north 
    east up the U.S. coast minutes after the shuttle launch but I could be wrong.
    - George Roberts
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