Re: I saw............. what ? (now I know )

From: John Locker (
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 01:30:11 EST

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    Following discussion with Tom (Wagner ) about the sighting I am now
    confident I saw a "VERY" bright meteor .
    Tom recalls seeing a couple of very bright Leonids in the past and his
    description matches my event exactly .
    We think that the lingering tail effect was possibly caused by the plasma
    trail .
    It's something I wont forget for quite a while.
    Marco mentioned it could have been a Taurid , and I reckon he was
    right.....and a big beastie at that .
    Mystery solved.....thank goodness  :O) ............. and if nothing else ,
    this will teach me to make sure I always have a pen and pad outside when
    observing  so that I can make some notes.
    With the advent of the laptop , I discarded the pen and paper approach , of
    course in the darkness   I couldnt see the laptopop keyboard clearly enough
    to go into wordpad to type in details of the observation.......  a lesson
    learned  !
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