no luck seeing Shenzhou 6 :(

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 08:10:28 EDT

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    Darn clouds, they parked themselves over me. I had a short period of clear skies last night.
    First I took the dog for a walk, fiquring I had plenty of time to observe.
    So I setup my scope, to observe the milstar at 68 degrees West. Well no sooner then that, and them
    blasted white things came! So no observing of it's main body flare:(
    I then waited for milstar 6 to come out of shadow. Easy to see on the tv.
    At 6:25 UTC ( Oct 16 ) it appeared to be mag +6.9
    Shortly after the sky clouded up again.
    Latter when Shenzhou 6 was going to pass by, all there was was clouds.
    So I can observe now is the long march rocket and Shenzhou 6 orbital module, until they decay from
    Now I know why it was cloudy for so many days, because of the china manned mission!
    Now that's almost over, I'll watch the skies will clear up.
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