FW: Titan launch viewed from El Segundo, CA

From: Bradley P. Allen (ballen@siderean.com)
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 14:22:49 EDT

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    Oops: I meant first stage, not second. - apologies, BPA
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    Subject: Titan launch viewed from El Segundo, CA
    Just went out to the parking lot at work to see the Titan 4 launch on time.
    Plume and exhaust trail faintly visible to naked eye through haze; picked it
    and followed it in 15x45 binoculars as the orange exhaust grew slowly
    brighter through SRB separation until I lost the second stage and the
    tumbling SRBs in a cloud.
    Bradley P. Allen
    N 33 56 16.9, W 118 23 39.2, 32m
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