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Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 13:35:57 EDT

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    My approach would be (as always) to reuse existing programs.
    Most prediction programs allow you to limit the 
    elevation, and they do take care of the ellipsoid.
    Since you probably want to predict the entire constellation
    over long intervals, a text file capable program is needed.
    I prefer Rob Matson's SkyMap, which has excellent 
    accuracy and capabilities in graphic mode, but has 
    a text output in one-degree accuracy.
    Mike McCants' HighFly is another alternative.
    I have used his LEO counterpart QuickSat to find
    which satellites ARE visible in Greece a particular
    week, that are NOT visible at a reasonable elevation 
    and/or magnitude from Sweden in one year.
    To process the text output I use a powerful text
    editor, , to preprocess the outputs.
    If I do need to filter the output further, I write a simple program.
    I'll send you a simple sample in the weekend, and more
    if you believe it's the right approach.
    >I'd like to calculate some visibility statistics for the GPS
    >constellation. This means, I'd take my ephemerides files, or 
    >of the kind, for the constellation, and then test if there is a line 
    >sight between any satellite and a ground station. Eventually, I'd 
    >to make provision for limiting the elevation angle, and for using the
    >elipsoid (or geoid) rather than a sphere. Finally, I'd want to check 
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