8539 obs correction

From: Steve Newcomb (snewcomb@gcnetmail.net)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2006 - 22:20:55 EDT

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    The 1st obs reported on 28647 was incorrect. I in error hit save on a
    mistake and then forgot to delete it. It was late.The correct point was
    28647 05 016B   8539 G 20061016004701460 17 25 1759870+453604 38
    Using the 06286.07498553 epoch on 90058 my timings do not look accurate on
    my obs
    of 2 consecutive nights when put into Fitelm.
    Some of my points are based on dim stars and I didn't use a voice recorder
    as I normally do. The slow movement
    allowed me to make notes on paper and still follow with dobs. I hope these
    points are not more late night errors?
    I'm not online all the time and this at the moment is my most recent
    When I get online to send this I will look to see if there is a newer elset.
    These were my 1st observations of this object. Comments welcome and 
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