Progress-M58 observed and photographed

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2006 - 14:30:06 EDT

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    Some 30 minutes ago, at 17:59 UTC, I observed Progress-M58 passing through 
    Aquila at 30-35 degrees altitude, through a hole amidst flying clouds, just 
    before it went into eclips. I estimated it at about mag. +1.5, steady.
    With my back (and camera) pressed to the northernmost wall of the compound, it 
    grazed the roof of my house, as it was zipping by at large speed.
    I managed to capture it on a photograph, a reduced quality crop of which can be 
    seen here:
    The trail is in the gap between the clouds just above the roof, crossing the 
    chimney pipe. A bit marginal perhaps, but I am happy I got it at all. As usual, 
    it was completely clear again a few minuts after the pass...  :-/
    I think the endpoint of the trail will allow a position determination, which 
    will follow later.
    - Marco  :-)
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