Re: Stopwatch advice?

From: Mike McCants (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2006 - 16:22:04 EDT

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    Bruce MacDonald posted:
    >I know a
    >lot of SeeSat-ers use Robic stopwatches for timing obs so I would like any
    >recommendations for particular models as Robic has a wide product range.
    I recommend the model 808 as shown here:
    >I am most interested in the following features:
    >50/100 memories
    It has 200 - that seems to be enough.
    >1/1000 sec timing
    It has 1/100 second timing and I usually round this to 1/10 second.
    >Possibly multiple timers - at least two - for independent timings of more
    >than one object passing close together
    I'm not sure how a multiple timers system would work in the dark.
    Sometimes I click 2 or 3 times quickly to mark a particular split.
    Sometimes I glance at the split number and remember it for a little
    >Simple operation
    Start it using a time source and make a few splits to calibrate
    the starting time.  Then hit the split button whenever you want to.
    Recall and write down the splits when it is convenient.
    I wore out the split button on my original Robic 800 after 10 years
    and bought a new 808 a few years ago.  One surprise - the original
    had an accurate display of the elapsed time since the watch was
    started.  My 808 has an elapsed time display that usually lags behind
    the correct elapsed time by a few tenths of a second.  But this does
    not affect the actual recorded split times.
    Mike McCants
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