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From: Thomas Dorman (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2006 - 08:06:18 EST

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    I hope the group will not be upset or angry with Ed
    Cannon about asking questions about the satellite
    prediction programs.Ed was trying to help me I.D. a
    flashing satellite I observed on the morning of Oct.28
    at 10:44UT about 2 to 3 degrees west- southwest of
    Procyon in Canis Minor.The object or objects look very
    much like what was reported by Bram Dorreman's post on
    Oct.30Th.One bright flashing sat. with two dimmer sats
    flashing near by moving extremely slow.I thought the
    bright flashing sat was Ariane 2 debris(27943) but I
    was most likely wrong on that I.D.There was also a
    NATO sat in the area and NATO sat debris.I do not have
    the full satellite catalog in my prediction programs
    so that is why I asked Ed for help.If there is a need
    to throw rocks please project them at me not Ed.Thanks
    Ed for your help it was greatly appreciated
    Thomas Dorman
    Horizon City,Texas
    GPS Position
    elevation 1233meters
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