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From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2007 - 03:06:24 EDT

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    Hi Ed,
    The flaring geosat season manifests itself in another way too.....
    Here in the UK the Sun outage period , the peak of the flaring season , is 
    still about ten days away.
    As a keen TV satellite enthusiast , last week ,  I inadvertantly left my 
    dish pointing at an inclined comms sat sitting four degrees "above" the geo 
    As the bird was higher in elevation than the main geo belt , it gets hit 
    earlier by sun outage......and to prove it , take a look at
    Its the feed horn of my 1.8 metre sat dish........cooked by the heat of the 
    sun ( through thin cloud )
    The weather here is still too bad for me to see anything at night , but , 
    this is certainly visible evidence that the flaring geosat season is in full 
    swing !
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    Subject: flaring geosats
    > Last night (Monday evening, 1 October local time) I saw 8 or
    > 9 flaring geosats with my binoculars, including two to four
    > that were easy to see with my 8x42.  At 3:14 UTC, there were
    > two bright ones 45 degrees (3 hours of RA) apart, one in the
    > eclipse-entry area, and the other near the meridian.  Of
    > course Mike found some more, fainter ones, with his telescope.
    > We concluded the session pretty early due to interfering
    > clouds.
    > Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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