Geosat Flare Table

From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2007 - 21:02:12 EDT

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    Hey All,
         In an earlier email, I provided a series of
    tables to guide an observer as to where and when to
    look to see maximum geosat (geostationary satellite)
    Because of the difficulty of using this table and
    re-calculating local time for the observer, I'm
    working on an Excel spreadsheet that takes as inputs
    the observer's location and GMT offsets, and ouputs,
    for each date until the end of the season (Oct 16)
    exactly where and when to look based on the observer's
    local timezone. If you would like me to send you an
    email text table of dates, locations, and times,
    please send me the following data about yourself:
    1.) Latitude (be sure to include +/- or E/W)
    2.) Longitude (be sure to include +/- or N/S)
    3.) GMT Offset for timezone (+/-GMT in hours)
    If I don't get too many requests, I will return this
    data in a table to the email address you sent from.
    Please do not respond via the SeeSat List - write
    directly to me at The season
    (for the Northern Hemisphere) has started and in the
    next few days will intensify!
              Jeff Umbarger
              Plano, TX, USA
    P.S.: Once I get this spreadsheet debugged, I'll place
    it on the web for others to use if they have MS Excel.
    Otherwise, you'll need to send me your location data.
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