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From: Jeff Umbarger (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2007 - 16:38:06 EDT

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    Hey All,
         I apologize but I made an error in the Excel
    spreadsheet calculator that was posted at Kevin's site
    earlier. If you have used the calculator, your dates
    are off by 1 day. If you look down the left column and
    see Oct 9, for instance, it really should read Oct 10.
    So you need to add +1 day to each date down the left
    side of the table. This is good news since it buys you
    one more day of observations. When Kevin gets the
    updated spreadsheet on to his site I'll send out an
        For those of you who I have hand-created tables
    for your specific location and GMT Offset, please add
    1 day to each entry in the left column of those text
    tables. Again, sorry about the confusion - I'll get
    this down at some point!
        And you should also know that you should not stop
    observing after the time of eclipse each night. You
    should continue to look west of the "Purple Dot",
    along the PD Dec. and after midnight look east of the
    Purple Dot along the PD Dec. line. I have yet to get
    out early enough to see if this calculor is 100%
    correct, but I have seen many flaring (naked eye
    visible) geosats in the last few nights that are not
    at the PD. Please tell me if you are sucessful or not
    with this aid.
              Jeff Umbarger
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