ISS and STS-120

Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 14:47:14 EDT

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    Hi all,


    I just observed both satellites this evening at dusk. 

    Busy taking photos, I couldn't time precisely either ISS or STS-120, but STS-120 was clearly a bit late using the  Heavens-Above ephemeris, maybe of about one minute : 

    STS-120 : maximum altitude at about17h33 UT instead of predicted 19h32m08s,

    ISS  :  maximum altitude at about 17h16.5 UT as predicted.


    ISS was steady at about mag -2 at -2.5

    STS-120 finally reached mag -1.5 or -2 at maximum brightness after maximum altitude, (possibly experiencing a slight flare from mag -1).




    Alain Figer

    western suburb of Paris - France

    48.891 N

    2.113 E

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