Re: Space Shuttle photo from San Antonio, Texas

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Wed Oct 24 2007 - 15:58:23 EDT

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    --- Ed Cannon <> wrote:
    > Bryan Tobias got a nice composite photo of the Space Shuttle 
    > and ISS last night from San Antonio, Texas, which is featured
    > today on the website.  Note that the Space 
    > Shuttle (the track on the left) flared.  I was with a group 
    > in Austin, and that flare was bright and obvious.  My family 
    > in San Antonio saw it also.  The Space Shuttle pass was at 
    > about 1:08-1:10 UTC.
    Yes, we were also watching from San Antonio and noticed the flare,
    though I'd have described it as a rapid brightening. Very nice passes
    for both.
    Another good set of passes is coming up this evening.
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