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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Oct 29 2007 - 05:03:15 EDT

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    I am having trouble accessing Seesat archives and also I have an email 
    problem which means I cannot search the record.
    However I found that John Locker reported the orange coloration in October 
    2006 which I think might be the first such report, and I confirmed that I 
    had noticed the same.
    I recall (and I think I posted this though I can't find it) that an 
    astronaut reported how the solar panels glowed a bright reddish colour, 
    which I think she compared to a heater or similar, when the sun was on them.
    If the weather permits I might be able to find out soon what is happening on 
    sunset passes, but not looking good.  Also looks very doubtful that the 
    upcoming early morning pass will be "go" for here.
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    >I noticed the rust-colored appearance as it hit the orbital sunset a few 
    >weeks ago on ISS.  Not sure of sunrise, but on sunset as it dims, it turns 
    > Greg
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