Re: 3 Satellites, right in a row

From: George Roberts (
Date: Wed Oct 06 2010 - 17:22:46 UTC

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    Probably a NOSS triplet.  Could you give lat/lon please?  And what date was 
    this?  I assume it was last night so it would be 10/6/2010 2:05AM UT?  And 
    is Colorado Springs in Colorado or is there another one?  I guess you don't 
    need to include that info if you give us lat/lon.
    Now even with all that info, there will be thousands of satellites within 10 
    seconds of that time visible.  So if you could narrow it down to a smaller 
    part of the sky?  Say within 40 degrees of a particular star and give us RA, 
    Dec that would be helpful.
    If you do the work to supply this in a concise list, you are more likely to 
    get an answer.
    Did you check  Just a quick check shows NOSS 2-2e at max 
    elevation angle at 8:02pm.  H-A has the other 2 sats (NOSS 2-2C, NOSS 2-2D) 
    10 minutes earlier but those might have the wrong orbital elements:
    Was the path like this?
    The above path goes west to east (as do 99% of satellites).  Could it have 
    been southwest to northeast?
    - George Roberts
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    Subject: 3 Satellites, right in a row
    > I observed three satellites around 8:05 PM MDT from near Colorado Springs. 
    > They were in a line, the leading object was very faint but the two 
    > following it were fairly bright. Path was roughly from Southeast to 
    > Northwest. I was trying to observe Comet Hartley near Casseopia when thes 
    > eobjects came into view of my binoculars. I never found the comet but can 
    > anyone ID thes eobjects?
    > Thanks
    > JJT
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