RE: Satellite visibility periods and graphs?

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Wed Oct 06 2010 - 23:07:11 UTC

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    Subject: Re: Satellite visibility periods and graphs?
    I mean graphs or other information which will tell something about 
    morning and evening
    visibilities of specific satellite when I am entering my coordinates. 
    Sometimes I would like to
    know when e.g. ISS will be visible here...let's say between period 
    October to February.
    Now I am making this information manually like this (unfortunately in 
    (there blue means evening visibility and green is morning visibility) and I
    am using Heavens Above or Heavensat.
    But If I remember, Patrick Wils's Sat did this by drawing nice curves 
    for specific satellites.
    (maybe I am wrong). That's very old application.
    Best regards,
    6.10.2010 20:50, Arnold Barmettler kirjoitti:
    > Hello Leo
    > Can you be a bit more specific of what data you are looking for and 
    > how the graphs should look like?
    > Best regards
    > Arnold
    >>    Hello,
    >> Do you know software which will calculate visibility periods of low 
    >> Earth satellites for several months and also draw graphs about these? 
    >> Patrick Wils has the Sat 4.82 software (msdos based) several years 
    >> ago, but it seems that this is not available
    >> anymore (
    >> Best regards,
    >> Leo
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