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Date: Thu Oct 07 2010 - 16:08:10 UTC

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    Hi Greg,
    Did you see it move straight down to the SSE, or at an angle, or could it have been 
    Did you watch it for four minutes, or is this the time uncertainty?
    Do you have any stellar references?
    If you saw it move, how much in what length of time? (a fists width, a pair of stars...)
    Did you see ANY tracks on CalSky? At that time and latitude, no LEOs are visible in the 
    If you compare to CalSky objects (if any) was its motion parallell to (left or right) or 
    at some angle?
    >----Ursprungligt meddelande----
    >Datum: 2010-okt-07 05:37
    >At 11:24 Eastern Time (0324Z 10/3/10), my daughter spotted a flashing sat, going from N-
    S, but retrograde orbit. I would put the direction around 195-200 degrees, mag 5-7 with a 
    very inconsistent level of flashing.
    >11:24 PM ET to 11:28PM ET 10/2/10
    >0324Z-0328Z 10/3/10
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