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Date: Sun Oct 17 2010 - 01:33:56 UTC

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    So what does "the guy at the joystick" really think when they execute an orbit maneuver?  Brad, you may recall, I'm the Astronomical League's Earth Orbiting Satellite Observing Club [EOSOC] administrator and I really appreciate you pointing me to this interesting group.  What the guy (or gal) at the "joystick" is thinking of is things like, I sure hope the maneuver system  works on orbit as designed, were the orbit adjustment commands created without error, were the commands received by the satellite, will the thrusters work as designed, will we find the satellite at the next contact, will it be stable, etc, etc, etc. The last thing anyone directly involved in "flying" a new satellite thinks about is what anyone else thinks with one main exception, those of the customer!  There are lots of jobs and company reputations at stake whenever a major milestone like an orbit adjustment is planned and executed. 
    As you may surmise, I'm in the business.  I'm currently a System Engineer  on SBSS and so as you know we just went thru an orbit raising activity. Fortunately for us it went flawlessly thanks to the experts at Ball Aerospace who built the bird.  Also want to thank the folks in this group that posted links to photos of the launch.  Several of the engineers on the program enjoyed the photos.
    ps. I need to get out some night to actually see SBSS, watching "contacts" from the ops center just isn't the same!
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    >Yup, there it is! I can imagine the guy at the joystick snickering as he plans 
    >the next maneuver. Explains why I didn't see it yesterday, as I had given up by 
    >this lateness. 
    >This morning, I wanted to see X-37B's earlier pass and Comet Hartley 2 occult a 
    >star. However, on the old elset, they occurred at the same time. Immobilized by 
    >the decision I faced, I chose finally to sleep right through the alarm.
    >36514 10 015A   8336 E 20101015120217880 17 25 0915043+725201 97 S
    >36514 10 015A   8336 E 20101015120229780 17 25 1031106+653827 48 S
    >COSPAR 8336 +36.1397, -95.9838, 201m
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