Heads up on NanoSail-D mission

From: Ciprian Sufitchi (ciprian@sufitchi.com)
Date: Fri Oct 22 2010 - 03:16:50 UTC

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    This is a message from Dean Alhorn, who is in charge for the NanoSail-D
    satellite mission. I thought this may be of interest for this group:
    Hello. My name is Dean Alhorn and I am the Principal Investigator for the
    NanoSail-D mission.  We will be launching the satellite soon and thought
    that it might be of interest to you for tracking purposes.
    The satellite is a highly reflective solar sail.  Here is a link to the NASA
    web page about the mission.
    NanoSail-D has a reflective area of about 10 square meters which is 6 times
    the size of a single Iridium reflective antenna panel.  Unfortunately we do
    not have attitude control, but we expect the satellite to end up in a flat
    spin which may be in a orientation that would reflect.
    We expect the satellite to be on orbit for 70-120 days, so the opportunity
    to image the satellite and to possibly take pictures or view a potential
    flash is limited.
    Dean Alhorn
    NanoSail-D Principal Investigator
    Huntsville, AL 35802
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