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Date: Fri Oct 22 2010 - 05:25:01 UTC

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    Ted wrote: "...ETS 6 (94056A / 23230). This is a 
    well-known flashing satellite, known to reach mag 4. 
    In recent years, its flash period typically was 
    about 8.7 s, but there seemed to be a slow long-term 
    trend toward a shorter period."
    Just to fine-tune.  It has been observed at mag +4 
    at apogee (40,000 km?).  It has done very bright 
    flashes on perigee passes (less than 10,000 km in 
    range, if memory serves).  Also, I reported it 
    flashing every 6.5 seconds last month:
    I've seen it at least one other night recently.
    Jay Respler first reported it to this list in 1997,
    but it became famous after being spotted by an 
    commercial aircraft pilot and an astronomer on the 
    same night, events analyzed in a post by Mike 
    Here's the pilot's original report:
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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