RE: Upcoming Shuttle Mission

From: Rob Dale (
Date: Thu Oct 28 2010 - 18:27:17 UTC

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    You don't need a real "strategy." The orbital setup when it's docking is
    not a constant process, so predictions are easily good for 24 hours or
    more. It docks with the ISS on flight day (FD) 3. Any of the typical
    satellite prediction sites will have the elements and some do already.
    The link you provided is usually the most frequently updated, so that
    should be fine too.
     - Rob
    >I prefer to observe the Shuttle
    > though when it's not docked to the ISS yet, but my guess is that this
    > will be going to be difficult (or not?). Directly after launch the
    > Shuttle's orbital elements will continue changing fast until it's close
    > to the ISS, right? Is there any way to accurately predict the visible
    > Shuttle passes when it's not docked or close to the ISS yet? After
    > launch, how long will it take before the Space Shuttle docks to the
    > ISS? Once launched, is there any way to get the real time, up to date
    > orbital elements before the Shuttle is docked? Once launched, is there
    > any way to get the most recent news on the location of the Shuttle in
    > reference to the ISS!
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