OT - 12" LX200 For Sale - Must Sell

From: Derek C Breit (breit_ideas@poyntsource.com)
Date: Wed Oct 03 2012 - 20:26:45 UTC

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    I am in need of a good sized chunk of change so I only have one choice..
    I must sell the following..
    12" LX200 Classic (USED!.. A lot.. Bought it used 10 years ago for $3,000)
    Giant Field Tripod
    Meade Superwedge
    12v - 18v Power converter (SEE NOTE BELOW)
    Homemade Solar Filter with Baader Film
    Plus all the usual.. Handpaddle, Finder, 26mm Eyepiece, 2" Diagonal, Visual
    Back (two different styles),  etc..
    Also includes the "Vedeler Mirror Lock" and the "Roller Bearing Focuser
    Included (Maybe separate..)
    A Van Slyke Focuser w/ controller
    $2500 OBO..
    Includes original padded box and owner's manual..
    18v Converter was built by Tom Campbell
    A webpage w/ photos and details should be forth coming but every time I
    start, for some reason my eyes go all blurry and I can't see anything..
    Must be dust..
    Needless to say, preference will have to go to anyone who might think of
    this as a secured loan, but I am resigned to losing it. As my Father always
    said.. "It's only stuff"..
    PS.. Feel free to pass this around to all the groups.. Let me know if anyone
    is interested.. 
    PSS.. Before anyone asks, my ST80 and my 90mm Refractor are not for sale,
    nor are any cameras.. I do have an 8" and a 12" dob w/ newly coated optics..
    I could sell those, too..
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