DCB Obs OCT 7th UT

From: Derek C Breit (breit_ideas@poyntsource.com)
Date: Sun Oct 07 2012 - 16:40:01 UTC

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    Orion ST80 with Mogg 0.6 FR and a Mintron integrating camera. ST80 is
    piggybacked on a 12" LX200 which does the slewing and tracking. Focal
    Reducer is at max distance from detector and still capable of focus.
    FOV - 1.98 x 1.48 Degrees
    Time by IOTA-VTI GPS Time inserter (from VideoTimers)
    Equipment Notes - Luminance only is recorded to video.
    THIS IS THE WIDEFIELD SETUP - PC164EX2 w/ 50mm Camera lense
    23936 96 029E   8739 G 20121007024416240 26 25 1751742+084908 37  
    21775 91 076A   8739 G 20121007024456815 26 25 1754459+083268 37  
    Obs - Pred: 0.031 deg X-track; 0.166 s late, relative 4.06 day old elset:
    Obs - Pred: 0.009 deg X-track; 0.560 s late, relative 18.37 day old elset:
    HORRIBLE NIGHT! I had perfect weather and no Moon, so I aimed for the 2 sats
    listed above. Then I headed deep for AEHF1, Prowler, Vortex2, and half a
    dozen more.. Then made a 10 minute shot of Vortex 2 so I could play with the
    light curve. Suddenly the TV shut off. Pick up the Camcorder and it is off..
    What should have been 45 minutes of tape, I found out was 7 minutes and I
    had zero GEO Sats.. GRRRRR..
    AEHF1 was near it's "normal" classified position, not the INT position..
    Should have clouds / rain thru midweek. Not a good possible last time using
    the main scope setup..
    Derek C Breit
    BREIT IDEAS Obs - Morgan Hill, CA - COSPAR 8739
    E. Longitude -121 42 10.0, Latitude 37 6 47.8, Alt. 282m;
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