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From: Ciprian Sufitchi (
Date: Wed Oct 10 2012 - 19:38:23 UTC

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    I found recently a nice API for voice and messaging and I created a new
    service available for regular phones: visible Space Station passes in your
    area for the next 24 hours. I am not sure if that is useful to anyone, but I
    thought is cool to write some lines of code and let you guys give it a try.
    If you are in United States, please dial (571)223-5117. This is a number in
    DC Metro area. You will be prompted for the 5-digit zip code. The time zone
    is retrieved automatically from zip code so the time is always "local".
    I could add weather conditions, ISS magnitude (brightness) and more, but
    wouldn't that be too much?
    Your feedback and suggestions are very appreciated.
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