Astra 19.2E/23.5E flaring

From: C. Bassa (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2012 - 14:30:42 UTC

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    Last evening I pointed my video camera on a field containing the Astra
    19.2 E and 23.5 E constellations and recorded an hours worth of data
    while the satellites moved in and out of the Earth's shadow.
    The 1 hour observation has been reduced to a 14 second video (360 frames)
    The following objects are visible on the video:
    25153/98006B  INMARSAT 3-F5
    25515/98063A  AFRISTAR
    25673/99018A  EUTE 21A
    25785/99033A  ASTRA 1H
    26853/01025A  ASTRA 2C
    27400/02015B  ASTRA 3A
    29055/06012A  ASTRA 1KR
    31306/07016A  ASTRA 1L
    33436/08057A  ASTRA 1M
    36581/10021A  ASTRA 3B
    37810/11049B  ARABSAT 5C
    As identified here on an average frame of the entire observation:
    I had not expected some of them to become this bright!
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