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From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2012 - 21:48:21 UTC

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    These messages are great, as my weather is going to be glorious next week so
    I can aim for some of these.. I should give Kevin my phone number so he
    could just call me.. We should be able to see some Geosats at the same time,
    Anywho.. Some questions.. (I do want to video some blinkers so I can do
    lightcurves now that the rain is departing..)
    How many geosats are spin stabilized??
    More importantly, what about spin stabilized *classified* geosats?? (i.e. I
    would be most pleased to hit two birds with one stone.. I mean
    And since I am writing this email, awhile back, I think it was Ted who
    mentioned a Radiometer on a satellite.. Which one is that and are there more
    than one sat with a radiometer on it??
    Heck, let's go for the whole ball 'o wax.. Prowler is near due South and
    AEHF1 is as far East as I can see, so given that view of the sky, are there
    any *groups* of flashing, blinking, spin stabilized, radiometer carrying
    geosats.. i.e. two or three or more within 2 degrees of each other??
    And if anyone actually tries to depict my sky to help point me in the right
    direction, I should have nice weather by Saturday or Sunday night.. Also,
    think 8 to 10 PM PDT.. 
    Thanks in advance.. oh.. and answering here or directly to me works..
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    Subject: flaring geoasat seen
    I aimed at a certain area of sky, and had the mount in tracking mode.
    Not the nicest sky, had to deal with cloud.
    One's seen to flare, not all where very bright.
    Amazonas      28393
    AMC 6         26580
    Brazilsat B4  26496 flashing since it's spin stabilized
    SES 2         37809
    Spaceway 2    32018
    AMC 18        29644
    AMC 15        28466
    Amazonas, SES 2, AMC 15 were the brighest one's.
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