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From: joseph daniel (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2012 - 18:36:53 UTC

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    Hi Chip :
     Yes , I think it's a great idea . Many times I've found myself under a perfect night
    sky kicking my butt because I either forgot to check ISS Sighting times and exactly
    where it would be appearing , or just did not have access to the internet in order
    to check it that day .
     Sometimes also , I simply forgot the sighting times because I had a couple Iridium
    Flare times also rattling around in there as well .
     In Canada we can purchase phone cards that allow us to call anywhere in the world for
    around 1-2 cents/minute . A $5 phone card will usually last me 6 months or so . Many
    have long distance plans with X number of minutes to burn every month too .
     I'm guessing many here have the times already predicted on their laptops or smart phones,
    for weeks to come , from various sources . Still , I think this idea could be useful
    for many others like myself , who don't own a smart phone or have the ability to surf
    the net from the great outdoors .
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