unid geo sat obs, Mentor 2 moved

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Oct 17 2012 - 09:22:16 UTC

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    Yup it's in a geo orbit, like I thought.
    I was fooled when using the wide feild,setup. I had mounted the camera, on top of the old scope I have. I had aimed it at the star, the unid was precited to pass, and observed a star that was bright, thinking it was a star. Then I noticed it was the unid. The sat was mag 6 range and got fainter over time.
    I had also aimed the scope I use to sat observe with, at the star that the sat was precicted to pass near.  I had the scope tracking that star, to allow for error's in arrival time, and incase was driftig in orbit, to be on the safe side. I observed it for 30 minutes.
    Nothing is  predicted where it shown to be, except the DSCS 3-14 ( 27875 ) It's predicted path is above the unid's path. I could see Intelsat 707 where it was predicted to be, but didn't notice DSCS 3-14, where it's predicted to pass by, using the intergrated orbit.
    Intelsat 23 was to be tested at 51 degrees West before moving to 53 degrees West.
    Obs and rough orbit
    99999 99 999A   1775 G 20121017025923245 15 25 0124627-065978 37 S
    99999 99 999A   1775 G 20121017031738094 15 25 0142921-065900 37 S
    99999 99 999A   1775 G 20121017033237984 15 25 0157950-065841 37 S
    1 99998           12291.13724646 0.00000000  00000-0  50000-4 0    05
    2 99998   0.2543  81.9144 0000347 121.8933 179.3589  1.00247506    01
    I went to observe Mentor 2, I didn't see it where it was precicted to be. I then later, aimed of where it was predicted to pass, and waited for it to show up. It arrived earlier then predicted, so it had been moved. 
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