Fast UNID ? Help in identification.

From: Carlos Bella (
Date: Thu Oct 18 2012 - 16:09:38 UTC

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    At dawn of 18/10 I captured by chance what appears to be a satellite/space
    junk crossing near Aldebaran toward Betelgeuse between 06:23:10 UTC and
    06:23:20 UTC but I could not identify this object even using the full
    catalog of the Spacetrack in Heavensat. What caught my attention in this
    object was its high speed (assuming the high camera's field covered, about 40
    degrees). The stacked image of the video, and the video itself, can be seen
    in the links:
    - *
    Therefore I come to colleagues asking for help in your identification.
    My coordinates:
    Lat: -15.8769
    Long: -48.087
    Time: -3 UTC
    Thanks !
    Carlos Bella
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