RE: Meteor? or Satellite?

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2012 - 19:55:29 UTC

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    Here is my position reduction, using ObsReduce:
    99999 99 999A   0000 G 20121023091200000 17 25 0722402-035282 37 S
    Based on Michael's reported site coordinates and USSTRATCOM's epoch 12297.26395084 TLE, Echostar 2 (96055A / 24313)
    should have passed close to that position at about 09:13:24 UTC, which is well after the reported time sometime after
    09:12 UTC and presumably prior to 09:13 UTC. Shifting the observation site west 2 deg would move the pass earlier about
    1 min, but there is no reason to believe the site coordinates are that imprecise.
    Except for the apparent significant time discrepancy, Echostar 2 seems a good match. It is a well-known flasher. Its
    recent period of rotation was about 4 min, and it has been reported to flash as bright as mag -1, but normally much less
    Ted Molczan
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