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Date: Sun Oct 28 2012 - 13:29:41 UTC

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    Resending this owing to Seesat apparent earflier falure, though not sure if anyone will have a chance to reply in time with sep happening as I write.
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    The Dragon is due to be separated from the ISS AT 1336 UTC and deorbited at 1920 UTC.  We have a brief shadow exit pass of the ISS about half an hour after separation, and a good though rather low visible pass of the ISS at 1530 UTC.  At the time of the first pass Dragon will already have fired its thrusters three times for separation, and by the time of the next pass it will have also undergone an apogee reduction burn.  
    Therefore in order to have some idea of when to look for Dragon I would appreciate any available estimates of separation around 1357 UTC and 1530 UTC, and whether Dragon is expected to be leading or lagging in relation to the ISS.   As it will be very early morning  here continuous random observation is not desirable!  Cloud cover may possibly be a problem for the shadow exit, though cloud will be gradually clearing,  and at this stage it is not predicted to be an issue for the next pass.
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