question about Breeze-M explosion and an odd sighting of my own

From: John Halsey (
Date: Sun Oct 28 2012 - 16:32:54 UTC

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    Hi Folks,
    I just saw the notices regarding the Breeze-M rocket booster explosion and it "almost" coincides with an odd visual sighting I observed here in Western North Carolina, USA on October 17th at approx. 20:15 local time (EDT).  
    MY question:  Does anyone know a precise time and/or location when the booster explosion happened? (I have not been able to find such information via Google.)
    Some background information on my sighting:  I was outside waiting for a "naked eye" sighting of Lacrosse 4 per prediction from for my location. (35.17 North 82.74 West)  About two minutes before the predicted highest point of Lacrosse 4 I saw a BRILLIANT white flash about 10 degrees to the North of where Lacrosse 4 would be. 
    (It really was bright - almost full moon bright but just a tiny spot in the sky - seemed much smaller in width than a typical Iridium flash and much brighter than any Iridium glint I have ever seen.!  Also, it only lasted about a second - very, very brief)
    Anyhow, about two seconds later I observed two reddish colored  curved streaks separated by about 5 degrees, but both traveling along the same path - side by side in a southerly direction about 5 to 10 degrees lower in the sky from where the flash had occurred.  The streaks were not very long - maybe about 4 diameter equivalent of the width of Venus - but there was a definite curve to their shape.  These were visible for about 2 seconds. (Nothing further seen until Lacrosse 4 arrived soon there-after, as per the prediction from Heavens-above.)
    (I am not a sci-fi nut but for about 5 seconds I was fully expecting a Klingon "war-bird" to de-cloak!!)
    Anyone have any ideas about what I saw?
    Many thanks,
    John S. Halsey, Jr.
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