Re: question about Breeze-M explosion and an odd sighting of my own

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sun Oct 28 2012 - 17:11:54 UTC

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    I don't, yet. Anyway, the Breeze #38746 was not above the SE horizon until
    late morning hours.
    2012/10/28 John Halsey <>
    > Hi Folks,
    > I just saw the notices regarding the Breeze-M rocket booster explosion and
    > it "almost" coincides with an odd visual sighting I observed here in
    > Western North Carolina, USA on October 17th at approx. 20:15 local time
    > (EDT).
    > MY question:  Does anyone know a precise time and/or location when the
    > booster explosion happened? (I have not been able to find such information
    > via Google.)
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